how to flush bad gas from cars

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Batch Of Bad Gas - Automotive Questions and Answers -
A friend of mine who races cars thinks I might have filled up with some 'bad gas'. . If not, then you will have to drop the gas tank, clean it out and reinstall it.

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Quick and easy way to drain gas tank - YouTube
Sep 26, 2011 . Well it doesn't look that bad, the gas in? my car was a solid yellow color and it . How to drain your car Fuel/gas tankby carlover69124,742 views .

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How to Drain the Gas Tank of Your Car: 5 steps (with pictures)
6 days ago . How to Drain the Gas Tank of Your Car. Did you accidentally fill up your diesel car with gasoline or the other way around? Here are some steps .

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      Car with 2 year old gas, running rough.. [Archive] - AnandTech Forums
      Looked at the air intake, looks relatively clean, doubtful this would be the cause. . Running the car trying to burn through bad gas, when it's not .

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      Water in a Car Gas Tank -
      . in a Car Gas Tank. Find 1270 questions and answers about Water in a Car Gas Tank at Read more. . If you have an old car, you may need to clean the gas tank. You can always hire a . Symptoms of Bad Gas · How to Fix Water in .

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      How to Get Rid of Bad Gasoline |
      The bad gas makes the car run less efficiently and may even lead to a knocking sound or a . The only way to get rid of bad gas is to flush the gas out of the tank.

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      What is an Engine Flush?
      An engine flush is a procedure used to clean an engine of sludge and build-up. . the chemicals in the flush can process, resulting in making a bad situation worse. . drive the car safely (don't hammer on the gas pedal, or doing any sporadic .

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      How much does it cost to drop the fuel tank to drain bad gas
      Askville Question: How much does it cost to drop the fuel tank to drain bad gas . But if you put bad gas in the car and started it, then you are going to need to go .

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      BP recalls bad gasoline in Indiana, but after $1,200 repair bills for ...
      Aug 21, 2012 . BP has recalled the bad fuel and says it will pay for repairs -- but first . Thousands of drivers in northwest Indiana face hefty car repair bills after BP . the gas touched between the tank and the engine has to be flushed and .

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      Bad Gasoline Causes Performance Problems
      According to some sources, there is more bad gas out there than the industry is . The main issue with gasoline that fails to keep the fuel system clean is . On-car cleaning is obviously the easiest approach because it requires less labor.

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What happen after Bad gas is put into a car
What happen after Bad gas is put into a car? . the amount of water was not too much, pour several cans of "dry-gas" into the tank and see if that helps clear it up.

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Bad driving habits can wreck your wallet
The lower your car's gas level sinks, the more the dirt gets stirred up from the bottom of the . And you'll need to flush the entire fuel system if it clogs up with dirt.

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BP Recalls Gas Sold in NW Indiana | NBC Chicago
Aug 20, 2012 . "You're putting the gas in for the car to go, but if your gas is in and it's making . Now because of bad gas they said it will cost no less than 200.00. . and her brand new car now has to have the fuel system flushed as a result.

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