chemical name for table sugar

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Table sugar.
Sugars & Sweeteners. PLEASE USE THIS TABLE WITH .

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Carbohydrates - Sucrose
Sucrose or table sugar is obtained from sugar cane or sugar beets. The glucose and fructose units are joined by an acetal oxygen bridge in the alpha orientation .

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Three common sugars share the same molecular formula: C6H12O6. . sucrose — common table sugar = glucose + fructose; lactose — major sugar in milk .

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What is the chemical formula for table sugar
What is the chemical formula for table sugar? In: Food & Cooking [Edit categories ] . What is the chemical formula of table sugar? ok so the answer is: . C 12 H 22 .

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Asimov On Chemistry
Cover of Asimov On Chemistry . tongue-twisting names for organic compounds ( “alpha-dee-glucosido-beta-dee-fructofuranoside” is ordinary table sugar), .

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What is real name for table sugar
Table sugar is the common name for? The scientific name for table sugar is Sucrose, which is a disaccharide composed of glucose. Chemical name of table .

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